Bardia, and its famous Bardiya National Park, is one of Nepal’s finest miniatures for the cultural and the natural diversity found in the entire Nepal. Thaurs are indigenous to the Bardiya region. With their unique culture, art, tradition, and way of living lives, Bardiya is a home of colorful Tharu tribes. It is not a stereotype, but Tharu people are one of the humble and friendly tribes of Nepal. Their huts are made of bamboos and plants, coated and layered with mud and cow-dung. Everything here is so organic, no wonder Tharus would call themselves the ‘Children of Nature’.

Bardiya is famously known for the frequent sightings of Bengal tiger in the Bardiya National Park. However, our recent visit was in the off season for such a golden opportunity. Nevertheless, the hospitality, the fresh air (which is a myth in a metropolitan city where we all come from), the genuine connection with the local culture, nature, and their traditional values turned out to be one of the memorable moments in our lives.

We were welcomed by the Bardiya Community Homestay. We spent our times cooking with our host family, picking mangoes from the backyards, going for a jungle walk, bird watching, and eating 100% organic food – three times a day. Couldn’t be any better feeling than this. We would like to forward our experience through some of the photographs we took in and around Bardiya Community Homestay.

We were welcomed by such a wonderful host family

Bardiya Welcome

Life in Bardiya is close to the nature, and so beautiful.

Local Life

Home grown Mangoes. Every bite tastes like a little piece of heaven.


Their settlements are mostly made of what is found in the raw Nature. (Except ‘that’ shining roof.)

Bardiya House

‘Machan’ is what Tharu understands for the Tree House. They build it to guard their land from Wild Elephants.

Tree House

Taurus are, also, a natural born fisherwoman or fisherman.

Tharu Fishing

We were welcomed by the deers for our tour of the Bardiya National Park.


Elephant, in the distance, is watching us.


We saw Rhino beating the summer heat in a little wild puddle.


Bardiya is full of Natural Beauties.



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