Located in the midway to a famous Hill Station in Nepal, ‘Nagarkot’, Nagarkot Community Homestay is inhabited around rich in biodiversity and culture, a lot of things to see and do, proximity to the jungle and waterfall, and in a close distance for hiking, inspired 13 houses to register the village as the Nagarkot Community Homestay in Bastola Gaun. A calm environment with the panoramic scenes, fresh air on the lap of green forest, Natural River tourist pleasure and delightful taste of local organically produced and prepared food. You can involve yourself in local activities for your daily exercises which are just within 22 km around you from the Kathmandu valley.

On our recent visit to the Nagarkot Community Homestay, we would like to share our top ten moments with the people of Nagarkot Homestays, our mesmerizing interaction with Bastola culture, and, thank heavens, our reunion with the wonders of nature.

Nagarkot is an ideal composure of nature and the human civilization, which evolves with it.

View from Nagarkot

Atithi Devo Bhava‘, a Sanskrit verse which translates to ‘Guest is God’ is what the people of Nagarkot believe in.

Religion of Nagarkot

If explored, in-depth, Nagarkot has more to give, culturally, than sheer beauties of nature.


Most of the population in Nagarkot is involved in agriculture. We tried our hands to plant rice-seedlings with our host family.

Nagarkot Farming

Local woman brewing alcohol. Rice is not only a major source of food, but for entertainment as well.

Alcohol Brewing Nepal

As local claims, the resin of the pine trees is used for petroleum products.

Rubber Making Nepal

One of the rare Hindu statues in the world. The statue which includes the face of Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu.

Gods in Nagarkot

The Sun sets beyond the wave of mystical clouds.

Magnificent View of Nagarkot

However the hard life is, an inspirational lesson to learn from Nepalese village life is, entertainment should never lose its priorities.

Celebration in Nagarkot

And the next day, when the sun rises, the beautiful life of Nagarkot continues, just like it has been since centuries.

Sunset in Nagarkot


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