Only a 42km East from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, Patlekhet VDC is in the Kavrepalanchowk district offers you one of the many, but an authentic hill life of Nepal. Warm and welcoming, people from the Patlekhet make you feel you are being one of them from the very beginning. The village settles in a lap of greenery, hills, where the morning begins with the dramatic clouds, which blankets the green forest, woods, and the spectacular sight of the mountain range gives you that feeling, A Strong Connection to The Mother Nature.

You feel alive in the morning starts, doing what the locals are doing from the early century; milking, engaging in agriculture, rearing cattle and when the day ends, with cultural dances, beautiful faces and our ethnically colorful dresses make you feel proud to be born in such a ‘rich-in-culture’ country.


Leaving the footprints, keeping an unerasable memory of the people and nature will surely call you back again. Here, people live in a community, work in a community and work for the community, which is the biggest strength of Patlekhet Community Homestay. Living in a community, where women are empowered, strong, and independent, connects you more deeply with the authentic people, culture, and nature of Patlekhet. You will come as a guest but leave as one of them.

Some of our memories with the people, culture, and nature of Patlekhet Community Homestay:

1. Hospitality:

Richness, in Nepal, is still measured by humanity and bigger hearts, rather in currency. Residents of Patlekhel make you feel, you are being one of them, from the beginning

2.The Way of Living Life:

Explore a most fascinating hilly settlement, “Patlekhet “, in the lap of green hills among highly caring people.

3. Live Like Locals:

People, here, are kind heart, caring and full of laughs and jokes around.

4. Live Among Happy People:

It is not only about people, it is also about community, different taste of culture, faces and dresses from each home to home and surprisingly each faces have different stories to tell. Unity in Diversity is our biggest strength.

5. Love the Food:

Typical Nepali mouth watering organic meals. Rejoice your taste bud and we assure you cannot wait asking recipe.

6. Food is the Gift of Nature:

They eat what the Mother Nature offers. Organic vegetables and fruits are not a Fashion Statement in Patlekhet.

7. Live Organic:

Learning by doing is living a moment – enjoy milking and help preparing the locals for bio-gas.

8. Smiles, smiles, everywhere:

Simply, your presence is enough for these beautiful smiles.

9. Accomodation:

Yet, your comfort is our concern.

10. Women Empowerment:

Women are participating household, outdoor farming to the community management.

11. Get Close To The Nature:

One of the rewarding hiking – more you walk the closer you get connected to where we all came from, to The Mother Nature.

CommunityHomestay.Com - Team

CommunityHomestay.Com is an initiative of Royal Mountain Travel. It is a community-based homestay network that connects global travelers with real Nepalese, for a genuine, local travel experience in Nepal.