Charismatic Illam, is famous for the enchanting natural scenery and landscapes, tea production, and diverse agricultural economy. Shree Antu Danda (around 2,300m) lies in Ilam district in eastern Nepal, right on the border in Darjeeling/India and south of Kanchenjunga (8586m), which is the world’s third highest mountain. Ilam is Nepal’s main tea growing area. Ilam is home to a variety of ethnicities, like Limbu, Rai, Lepcha, Magar, Tamang and others. Besides exploring the socio-cultural traits of the people in this area and enjoying the scenic view of the rolling hills covered with tea plantations and the lush green of the surrounding jungle, we can visit one of the tea estates.

How much we try to put it into words, the beauty of Illam cannot describe in one writing. Here are our good times that we experienced in Illam, around Antu Homestay.

Sinduli Highway




Fishing in Koshi


Fish Food






Antu Danda




Antu Homestay


Homestay Kitchen


HomeStay Room


Tea Garden


View From Antu Dada


Antu Pokhari


Phaper and Honey


Dried Cheese


Antu Sunrise




Mai Pokhari


Bus Park

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